Retail Sales Forecast


A Leading nutrition and supplement retail chain offers a comprehensive range of products for all your wellness and fitness needs. It follows a multi-channel distribution strategy with 350+ retail stores spread across 100+ cities.

Effective forecasting for store sales gives essential insights into upcoming cash flow, meaning the Retail company…

Named Entity Recognition use case in clinical domain

In this Article we will briefly describe about:

  • a. Data Extraction
  • b. Data Preparation for spaCy
  • c. Training NER Model
  • d. Model Evaluation on new data

1. What is Named Entity Recognition?

Named Entity Recognition (NER) — also referred to as named entity extraction or identification — is an extraction technique that automatically identifies key information from text data and classifies them into predefined…

Drug Marketing and Physician Targeting , Source : my own


Pharmaceutical companies play a major role in discovering , designing and developing drugs which are used to prevent, treat, and cure many medical issues.

With the increasing competition within pharmaceutical companies and tight regulations by the governments, it has become very difficult to market their drugs and target the physicians…

Vishal K Singh

Data Science and Machine Learning Practitioner

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